MX2 - The original Recycling Sealant


Ultraseal recycling sealants are specially formulated to give them hydrophobic properties. They have a specific gravity less than 1.0 which means they will naturally tend to separate from water. The separation process involves the Sealant Recycling System (SRS). This is a custom-built separator that takes sealant-laden water from the wash tank and passes it through filters before separating the sealant from the water.


The wash water solution is dosed with Ultraseal Wash Water Conditioner (WWC), which ensures separation of the sealant from the cold wash water. The recovered sealant is then returned back to the autoclave and the remaining wash solution is pumped directly back to the wash tank, giving a totally closed loop system. Unlike conventional systems, there is no requirement to change the cold wash water. Therefore manufacturers who use this system experience substantial cost savings through lower sealant consumption, conservation of water, reduced down time and in addition, less effluent and the associated environmental benefits.


MX2 is the original Recycling Sealant. MX2 was the world's first commercially available recycling sealant and even today remains as the only recycling sealant to have been in use throughout the world for over two decades. Its versatility and reliability is illustrated by the number of international users and the variety of applications for which it is employed:


  • It has gained significant global approval with major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, and remains a high performance recycling sealant offering significant environmental benefits when compared to conventional non-recycling sealants.
  • It is also the preferred choice of sealant for a wide range of companies in differing sectors who seek to maintain sealing quality and process consistency, while simultaneously reducing sealant consumption, effluent disposal costs and water usage.

Rigorous laboratory testing ensured that Ultraseal MX2 delivered the same results as Ultraseal PC504/66 and is also approved to the internationally accepted US Military Specification MIL-I-17563C.


Characteristics of MX2


  • RECYCLABLE - Reducing manufacturing cost and effluent.
  • LOW SHRINKAGE - on polymerisation giving excellent void filling capabilities.
  • VISCOSITY AND CAPILLARY ACTION - optimised to enable fast deep penetration of microporosity.
  • TOUGH AND FLEXIBLE - in cured state to provide long-term resistance to chemical,
    temperature and vibration applications.
  • EXCELLENT ADHESION - to cavity walls ensuring a permanent seal.
  • NON-VOLATILE - enabling fast, low vacuums to be drawn during the process.

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