Detergents and Inhibitors


In tandem with its acclaimed range of standard and specialist sealants, Ultraseal International provides a full range of ancillary products such as detergents and corrosion inhibitors, which are required to clean and protect components as part of the impregnation process.

All of these are fully tested and proven to be entirely compatible with Ultraseal sealant, so removing the risk of contamination or concern to quality during the impregnation process.



A nitrite free, general purpose detergent and corrosion inhibitor giving excellent results on aluminum alloys whilst affording some protection on ferrous parts.

DB150 is an anti polymerization agent.
DB155 DB155 is an anti polymerization agent and corrosion inhibitor.


A nitrite free, low dosing general purpose corrosion inhibitor for both ferrous and aluminum alloy components.


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