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Impregnation Technology

Ultraseal International is recognized as the global leader in providing impregnation equipment and sealant as a solution to the universal problem of porosity in castings, powered metal components, and electronic components. It has gained this global standing through its long history of over 40 years of specializing in developing solutions for porosity and by being continually first to market with such products as recycling sealants and equipment and front loading impregnation machines. Indeed, the company's advanced products have enabled impregnation to become established as a vital integrated process in manufacturing, providing added value and cost savings whilst focusing on environmentally friendly solutions.

With a global customer base that is unrivalled and includes some of the world's most recognisable brands, Ultraseal can service and support customers globally through its worldwide subsidiaries, sales offices, distributors and global footprint.

Founded in 1967, Ultraseal operates from its international headquarters in Coventry, UK. The company concentrates its sealant manufacture and R&D in the UK but provides customers with the benefit of a global footprint for impregnation machines.



Markets Served


Ultraseal services a wide range of industries and customer types with its range of impregnation sealants and machines. Its key market sectors are listed below and Ultraseal's quality and expertise in each of these market segments is proven by the long list of international industry approvals that it possesses for its products.


Key Market Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Foundry and die cast industry
  • Water and Gas
  • Electrical Components
  • Marine Industry
  • Aerospace