Top Loading Machines


Top-loading machines were the first to be used for impregnation, and were originally based on a simple vacuum autoclave system with open tanks for the subsequent processes. Simple top-loading technology remains widely used today and Ultraseal can supply standard batch processing machines for start-up and lower volume requirements, offering appropriate levels of process control.

However, recognizing the limitations to such simple systems, Ultraseal has focused on developing advanced, value-adding options, with a modular approach allowing the provision of the most suitable, cost-effective solution.


Top loading machines


Top Loader Sizes



 Rotational System Technology

The limitations of traditional batch processing systems, in terms of long cycle times and potential for contamination of parts held in static tanks, has led Ultraseal to develop a rotational processing system which is available as an option on all of its top-loading systems.

In tandem with rotational technology, Ultraseal pioneered the principle of cascade washing, whereby a copious volume of fluid is pumped through a manifold and over the rotating workload. This provides a more aggressive and effective washing action than conventional systems.