Front Loading Machines


In various industries worldwide, there is an ever-increasing focus on integrated manufacture, increasing productivity while reducing costs and work in progress (WIP). This has placed an additional demand on impregnation systems, especially as conventional top-loading machines are not ergonomically suited to such requirements.

The adoption of 'lean manufacturing' by many companies represented a commitment to reduce WIP and the requirement now was for impregnation machines which could not only handle smaller batches but also offer faster cycle times and be fully integrated into the production process. Ultraseal International pioneered the world's first front-loading impregnation system to complement the majority of manufacturing worldwide which is conveyor-based. These systems offer greater speed, control and significant health and safety advantages, as well as the key ability to be fully integrated into production lines. Where required, the impregnation system can now be connected to the previous operation by simple conveyor, negating the need for auxiliary transport mechanisms. Furthermore, the loading of each module is simplified, with no requirement for an overhead gantry or hoist.

These advanced modular systems offer high throughput with shorter cycle times, with each module accommodating a smaller number of components and so minimising work in progress.

Ultraseal front-loading machines were from the beginning designed specifically to work with the company's acclaimed recycling sealants with all their associated environmental and health and safety benefits. They also have closed tanks, with process fluids remote and covered, minimising emissions into the work area and so enabling them to be placed in the main part of the factory alongside other processes.


Each compact module offers all the productivity and quality advantages associated with rotational processing, while unlike top-loading machines, the rotational drain process takes place within the autoclave, reducing the number of modules required and so saving cost and floorspace.


Front Loader Dimensions



Front Loading Machines

Front-loading machines are designed to accommodate standard Eurotrays or similar sized baskets to minimise workhandling. In many applications, the components are never handled at the impregnation system, being processed in their transportation carriers, removing the potential for component damage created when parts are transferred to and from baskets.



Fully Automated Through Machines

A further advance by Ultraseal has been the development of fully automated 'through' machines for complete integration into mainstream production, offering the high throughput required for high volume applications such as engine block manufacture.



Some machines have been linked into production lines whereby after machining, the blocks are leak-tested, with only those identified as requiring treatment diverted automatically into the impregnation machine. They are then leak-tested again to verify the success of the impregnation process before proceeding to the next operation. For quality assurance, other manufacturers elect to impregnate 100% of the production and indicate that the cost to impregnate can be less than the cost to pre-leak test.